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FIPS Compliance-Part II. IBMJCEFIPS not found for IBMSecureRandom


Add the following lines to the ([java_homedir]/jre/lib/security/ file:

Explanation of the issue:

After enabling the FIPS compliance you might encounter the following errors in the log file once you try to restart the Application server:

IBMJCEFIPS not found for IBMSecureRandom

Log details: 704 459 1439 createServerSocket P=312105:O=0:CT ORBX0390E: Cannot create listener thread.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Provider IBMJCEFIPS not found for IBMSecureRandom
vmcid: 0x49421000 minor code: 77 completed: No - received while attempting to open server socket on port 1072 ]. 805 724

The easiest way to fix it is by adding the missing IBM SecureRandom provider into the list before the IBM JCE provider inside the ([java_homedir]/jre/lib/security/

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